A Dead Rat Was Found In A Customer's Soup!

If you're like us who freaks out when a bug gets near your food, imagine find A RODENT in your food!

So gross!

Well a popular hotpot restaurant chain in China has lost around $190 Million when a pregnant woman posted a video on social media of her pulling out a dead rat from her soup!

The woman and her husband worried that the dead rodent would affect their baby, since she already ate some of it.

The restaurant offered $729 in compensation, but the woman’s hubby refused because he wanted his wife to get a full check-up first.

The husband told a local news outlet that a staffer told his wife that his wife should get an abortion if she was worried about the baby.

The staffer even offered over $2,000 for the procedure!

How disgusting!

When the video started circulating on social, users were angry and disgusted.

The restaurant put out a statement saying it had “ruled out” that lack of hygiene caused the rat to end up in the soup, but then they deleted it.

Authorities are investigating!