These Shiba Inu Lattes Are Going Viral!

One trend that we will never get tired of is latte art!

I mean it's so pretty and cute that sometimes it's difficult to drink because you don't want to mess it up.

Of course, you have to take a picture for Instagram first right?!

Well the latest viral trend is this latte art that looks like Shib Inu dogs!

How cute is that?!

There's now a coffee shop in Taiwan Mr R Drinks is located in Taipei and has all the Shiba Inu lattes your heart desires.

The lattes come in a variety of flavors with different-colored Shiba Inus on top. 

The cute little pup is actually a marshmallow that melts into the latte for added sweetness.

BRB booking our trip to Taiwan for this adorable latte!

Who's with us?!