Disneyland Now Sells Mary Poppins Desserts!

Just in time for the new Mary Poppins movie, Disneyland just released cute little Mary Poppins desserts and they even come with a cute little souvenir item!

The first dessert is a Mary Poppins Chocolate Cake which is a chocolate cake with a cream center and finished with ganache, chocolate flakes, fondant flower, and a maraschino cherry.

The Mary Poppins Chocolate Cake costs $13.99.

The next dessert is a Mary Poppins Trifle which is layers of pound cake, mixed berries, raspberry jam, pastry cream, and vanilla bean chantilly cream.

It's then finished with chocolate flakes and costs $12.99.

The best part about both desserts is that they are both served with a Souvenir Mary Poppins tea spoon!

You can find these two desserts at the Jolly Holiday Bakery.

Are you going to get this?