Costco Is Selling Popcornopolis Popcorn Bags That Are Over 2 Feet Tall

Popcorn is that movie snack that you eat by the handfuls at a time and that you usually finish before the movie starts.

Well Costco is here to help you out when you binge watch your favorite TV shows and movies because they now sell bags of popcorn that are over 2 feet tall!

This giant bag is 22oz of Popcornopolis "Nearly Naked" popcorn and it's filled with over 1.3 pounds of popcorn!

A Popcornopolis spokesperson says that this popcorn is made from American grown corn, coconut oil, and salt.

It's also gluten-free and it's only 33 calories per cup!

These giant popcorn bags have been spotted at various Costco locations in California, Colorado, and Arizona!

Are you going to buy this for your next movie night?