Names That Could Make Your Child More Likely to Become a Billionaire

FOR PARENTS WHO WANT TO SET THEIR KIDS UP FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS EARLY IN LIFE — LIKE, AT BIRTH — IT MIGHT BE EASIER THAN YOU THINK. just released a list of top 10 names for baby boys and girls that the U.K.-based outlet says are carried by those “most likely to become billionaires when they grow up.”

“Picking a name for your child is a big decision for any parent. Ultimately this name is with them for life — the first thing people know about them, judge them on and can affect their future!” he added.

The study looked at names on billionaire lists and in wealthy families, and found thatthe most common name among the world’s top 500 billionaires, according to, were John (11 instances) and David (10).

There were also 66 male names beginning with I, J and K (like Isaac, Jim and Kumar) than all the women’s names on the list. Only 63 monikers out of 500 were female and some, like Kirsten and Abby, made’s list.

“As a parent, you want to give your child the best life possible, and wealth is a factor which comes into that,” said Harpin. “We hope this list will give moms- and dads-to-be some inspiration when it comes to naming their future billionaire baby.”

The top 10 billionaire baby names for both boys and girls, according to, are as follows:


1. John/Jonathan/Jonny

2. David/Dave

3. Thomas/Tommy/Tom

4. Wang

5. Bill/Billy

6. Charles/Charlie

7. Michael/Mike/Mikey

8. Robert/Robbie

9. Mohammed

10. Jim/Jimmy


1. Marie/Maria/Mary

2. Judy/Judith

3. Sofia/Sofie

4. Ann/Anna/Annie

5. Victoria/Vicky/Tori

6. Elizabeth/Beth/Lizzie

7. Abigail/Abby/Abbie

8. Kim

9. MacKenzie

10. Kirsten

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