Toll Lanes Might Be Coming To The 405

Well, LA is known for it's beaches and celebs, but also for our terrible traffic. A lot of our main freeways are at maximum width, so adding more lanes isn't an option, so instead, they're considering making the 405's HOV/carpool lanes available for single drivers via tolls. Hmm, this will affect two sides. 

Firstly, it would be free up the general lanes a bit, but do you feel like you already pay enough for road taxes and fees, etc, and don't want to have to pay even more costs?  Secondly, if you currently use the 405's HOV lanes regularly, do you wanna share them with people who are paying for the "luxury" of using those lanes?

LA Times has more, including which parts of the 405 this would include, as well as a possible date when this would all take place. It's not as soon as you think/hope.

Photo: Getty Images

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