Heads Up! Disney Reveals ‘Rise Of Skywalker’ May Pose Seizure Risk

SI'm pretty sure I'm a few behind. And now another one is about to be released on December 20th,'The Rise Of Skywalker'. I have no idea where this one is supposed to go in the series, but I assume it's at the end.  And what's Skywalker rising from? And is it Luke? or.... Ya, I gotta get caught up. 

Anyway, if you are planning on seeing the new Star Wars, something to keep in mind is the warning that has been issued by Disney, stating that several scenes contain imagery and flashing, which could cause seizures to those with epilepsy.  

Deadline.com has more about the warning, as well as how Disney and the Epilepsy Foundation are working together, to make sure moviegoers know ahead of time.

Image via Getty