Denny's Is Giving Out Free Bacon Bouquets For Father’s Day

Fathers Day is this Sunday!!! You're welcome for the reminder. I'm sure there's some who just said "oh crap".  

Buying a gift for pops can be a challenge, as they usually don't offer many hints throughout the year, and if you ask them, you get the "oh I don't want anything", but you know you'll feel just horrible if you don't get them a little something. And you always wanna make it personal and fun. I feel like getting the laugh from dad is better than a sentimental response. Dads want fun, unnecessary things, like bbq tool-belts, etc. 

And now Denny's has come up with a great idea for a gift that can be used immediately. And when I say "used", I mean "consumed". And you can also get a little bite too. How about, the Bacon Bouquet. Yup. They'll wish it was Fathers Day every day.

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