Kraft's Unveils Mac & Cheese and Kool-Aid Man Face Masks

I'm kinda digging the fact that people are using the masks as a form of expression, and even fashion. Whatever will help people use them. I've been using the typical blue disposable ones, but these masks have me thinking about ordering something more fun, like the Kool-Aid Man. "Ohhh Yeahhhhh". Remember that dude crashing through walls, usually scaring the kids in the commercials?  

Kraft has released a whole line of masks, which you can do individual purchases, or even a subscription, where you automatically can receive a new mask every month. Along with shipping you a mask, they also donate one to a first responder. You can read more about the masks, as well as the donated masks here.

Which one would you get? I want the Kool Aid Man one, but I also now want to eat some macaroni and cheese.

Thumbnail via Getty