Runner Stops Before Finish Line In An Amazing Display Sportsmanship

This level of sportsmanship and kindness is something I needed to see today. As a triathlon in Spain was rounding the final turn, James Teagle, who was about to claim third place bronze medal, took a wrong turn which allowed the runner behind him, Diego Mentrida, to pass him for the final few feet to the finish line. Recognizing that that Teagle had been ahead of him the whole time, Mentrida slowed and paused at the finish line to allow Teagle to cross the finish line before him. As you can see in the video, Teagle was so shocked and thankful for such an amazing selfless gesture, that he kept thanking Mentrida.

The race committee ended up awarding Mentrida with an honorary bronze medal, and the same prize money as Teagle. Rivals turned friends?

Would you have done the same, or would you have pounced advantage in competition?