How The Heart Of LA Empowers Students Through Free After School Programs

Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) offers free, exceptional after-school programs for underserved youth in academics, arts, and athletics. The mission? Helping young people overcome barriers through exceptional, free, integrated programs and personalized guidance in a trusted, nurturing environment. Giving EVERY YOUNG PERSON they can, the opportunity to realize their full potential. 

OPPORTUNITY - We give kids chances to take the next step. Whether that step happens within our programming, at a college of their choice, or with one of our partners, we open doors and support kids as they explore what their futures hold.

COMMUNITY - We expect kids to use their talents and opportunities to engage in the world around them in meaningful ways. Every child has the potential to become a productive, caring, and responsible citizen, who is working hand-in-hand with staff, board members, volunteers, policy makers, and parents to make our community a better place.

Programs:  Academics, Arts, Athletics, Wellness, South Central Programs 



A structured program of exceptional academic support and enrichment for elementary through high school. Open enrollment is available for the summer session in late April/early May and for the academic school year in early July. Apply online.  


Music provides introductory through advanced orchestra, music theory, symphonic wind ensemble, chamber group, big band, and rock band instruction. Open enrollment is available for the Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions. The music programs have limited enrollment. Not all who apply will be accepted. Visit the Music page for available instruments. Apply online.  Scientific Arts (SciArts) provides project-based learning in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), grounded in a Maker-style education. Open enrollment is available for the Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring sessions. Apply online.  Visual Arts provides an extensive arts curriculum designed and delivered by established and emerging artists. Visit the Visual Arts page for enrollment dates. Please contact Visual Arts staff for more information about how to apply. 



Athletics provides leagues, clinics, physical education, and active camps, promoting personal development, health, fitness, and exemplary sportsmanship. Soccer and Basketball leagues are open to individuals or full teams (schools, community-based organizations, local club teams, or church teams). Active Camp and Fall leagues have been postponed, please contact Athletics staff to express interest for when leagues resume or weekly virtual workouts. 


  • $25 provides art supplies to a student. 
  • $50 provides one-on-one tutoring support. 
  • $100 provides fresh groceries to a family.  
  • $500 provides job preparation training to one HOLA alumni. 
  • $1,000 sponsors technology needs for students. 
  • $2,500 sponsors one HOLA student for an entire year of programming. 
  • $5,000 equips an HOLA classroom with all academic materials required for the year. 


Heart of Los Angeles wouldn’t be what it is today without the strength and generosity of our volunteers. Every year more than two hundred people donate their time and talents to the youth of the Rampart and Westlake Districts. Volunteer opportunities range anywhere from special event assistance to long-term youth mentoring. If you are interested in volunteering, please click here

Aired August 28, 2022: Lisa Foxx spoke to Heart of LA CEO Tony Brown about how Heart of LA helps about 3,000 kids a year throughout the MacArthur Park, South Central LA area. We discussed how kids benefit from their programs from grade school all the way into college. iHeart Radio's 'Get A Laptop, Give A Laptop' means our radio station (104.3 MYFM) will be able to donate a FREE LAPTOP to them, every time one is given away on the radio (approx 30 laptops total) and how INVALUABLE tech gifts like that can be for these kids in need. Find out more here:

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