Here's How You Can Get FREE Subway Footlong's For Life

People eat outdoors on fast-food restaurant patio

Photo: Getty Images

According to Today, Subway just launched a contest where you could win FREE Subway footlong's for life! The only catch is you have to get a Subway-themed tattoo, and it has to be permanent! You actually don't have to get a 'sub' tattooed on you, but in order to claim your prize, you must agree to get the baseball jersey-themed Subway Series logo tatted on your person.

Here's how it works: A 2-inch square tattoo nets free subs for a month, and a 3-inch square tattoo on a person’s shoulder blade, forearm or calf nets them free subs for a year. In order to get subs for life, participants must get a tattoo Subway calls "The Footlong," a 12- by 12-inch tattoo to be permanently inked onto their sternum or back.

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