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Well well well...haaa...I can NOT believe I did this...but so far, I am VERY HAPPY that I did...I'm a few weeks in as I right this blog...I'm grateful that my friend who owns Athenix Body Sculpting agreed to let me blog details and be TRANSPARENT ABOUT is the ONLY WAY I would feel comfortable advertising this, gently encouraging others to consider it...I want to be honest about here we go...and yes, you can ALWAYS email me with specific questions/concerns here: Lisa Foxx :)

The Orbera gastric balloon for weight loss...has become EXTREMELY popular in the last few years...ESP at Athenix...

  • No Surgery, cutting, or stapling
  • FDA Approved Medical Device for Weight Loss
  • 12-month Medically Managed Support Program


'Now, you can finally achieve your weight loss goals without the risk or downtime of major bariatric surgery. The new, FDA-approved device, Orbera™, is a small gastric balloon that is gently placed into the stomach so you feel fuller longer and can practice portion control with greater success. Orbera™ is a non-surgical solution to help jump start your weight loss and maintain a healthier lifestyle...'

In MY WORDS...I KNOW this sounded 'extreme'...but in the past...EXTREME has worked for me...I did a weight loss thing on TV yeeeeeears ago...kept it off for almost 10 trained my ASS OFF for 3 hard core months, eating & drinking everything they provided, working out twice a day with the cameras on me ;0 it was hard, but I did it...other times, I trained for the LA Marathon, or got intense with diets and expensive trainers...but then things change, life changes...our bodies change...I got off path ESP with my Dodgers losing this year...haa WOW...I really did NOT KNOW how far off I had gotten...I carry my weight all over, so its easier to hide...but when I weighed myself before getting the balloon inserted...I WAS MORTIFIED ;0 So I said...'lets DO THIS...SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE...'...

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Above was my FIRST mention of it publicly, on my personal fb page: Lisa Foxx ...of course my Mom & a few friends, some co-workers knew...I was actually afraid to mention to EVERYONE because I thought I was going to chicken out! Ha...but after that sobering weigh in...weighing the most I had EVER REMEMBERED...I had to BRAVE UP! I was scared (just because a persons mind GOES THERE)...but it was an easy insertion...they put me out for just 15 minutes...I did it on a friend Jen drove me home but I felt ok...just a little tight in my mid area...symptoms weren't gonna really kick in, til hours later...they warn u...u WILL BE EXTREMELY NAUSEATED for 3-5 days...I was for just 1 & 1/2...much more about that in a bit ...they have one main doctor doing this procedure at Athenix...she is AWESOME! A sweet, amazing lady whom I bug constantly ha THANK U Dr. Rahimi in Irvine :) Ok, more be continued...I will share ALL...and if you are considering doing this...I will hold your hand EVERY STEP OF THE WAY :) I wish I had someone like me thru this...but I'm a few weeks in...figuring things out...already down a TON of weight...well over 15lbs compared to that first weigh info coming...but to schedule your FREE CONSULT...just go call them 888-276-1535 or online here: FREE CONSULT :) 

How does it work?

Before deciding on any treatment you will have a free consultation to discuss your goals and what type of results we can achieve for you. We will talk about your current BMI and set objectives so you can get the weight off quickly and jump start your healthier lifestyle. Candidates for the gastric balloon are typically within a BMI range of 30-40 and trying to lose 20-40 pounds. However, patients with higher BMI seeking greater weight loss may also be good candidates for the gastric balloon. This can only be determined during the consultation. After your consultation, you will have a clear understanding of what to expect during your 12-month program and be on the path to a slimmer you.

During your treatment, the gastric balloon is inserted into the stomach from the esophagus and filled with a saline solution once in place. This quick, 15 minute outpatient procedure is done under a mild sedative without the need for general anesthesia. Your treatment will take place in our private, state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center located on-site at Athenix Body Sculpting Institute. After the gastric balloon is placed, you may experience nausea or discomfort in the first few days while your stomach adjusts to the balloon but you may return to normal activities in the first few days.

The Orbera™ gastric balloon retrains your stomach and makes it easier to practice portion control and intake fewer calories throughout the 6 months the balloon is in the stomach. After 6 months, the gastric balloon is removed. The removal process is just as simple; it is an outpatient procedure that takes about 20 minutes without a long downtime or recovery process. The following 6 months after the removal of the balloon you will continue your support program under the guidance of medical professionals - so the results you achieve, are for good.

The Support you Need

Along with Orbera™, proper diet and exercise are required to achieve the best results. The gastric balloon will retrain your body to manage good portion control. Your personal support staff is ready to help guide you, keep you motivated, give you nutritional counseling and keep you on track to a healthy, energetic, slimmer you.

Is the Gastric Balloon right for you?

  • The gastric balloon may be right for you if you have struggled with excess weight and are ready to make a life change without the drastic step of bariatric surgery.
  • If you are committed to following a 12-month follow-up support program.
  • If excess weight is impacting your energy levels or causing health related issues such as diabetes.
  • If excess weight is reducing your confidence or negatively impacting your social life.
  • If you want to avoid a major surgical procedure such as the gastric sleeve which involves permanently cutting and stapling of the stomach.

To see if Orbera™ gastric balloon is the right treatment for you, schedule a complimentary consultation today and learn more about what Athenix can do for you.

Learn more about the Gastric Balloon at your local office: Gastric Balloon Center Fresno, Gastric Balloon Center Los Angeles, Gastric Balloon Center Orange County.

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