Down Almost 20lbs In Less Than 1 Month With My Orbera Gastric Balloon Blog

Hi there!! Checkin in just a few weeks after getting my Orbera gastric balloon inserted Dec 9th, 2017 ;0 FEELING FULL ALLLL THE TIME ;0 ALREADY down almost 20lbs...VERY HAPPY to see it in my face, a little bit all over my body and its just gonna keep going!! :) And I havent even started exercising yet ;0 (SHAME ON ME!) Its only in for 6 months, so I'm making the MOST of this 'feeling full' gift to make some life loooong changes...its ALL about portion control...and CHANGING ol bad habits/ways of thinking...

Yes, they have a nutritionist you can talk to & an online nutrition coach...I have been doing my own thing so far...been keepin my foods really soft & light...and SO GRATEFUL to only be able to eat about 1/4 of what I had been eating and drinking before ;0 I've been eating mostly yogurt in the am or maybe a little bit of oatmeal with a few berries...then a HUGE GLASS OF WATER with my vitamins...I'm tellin u...a HUGE glass of water WITH this balloon keeps me feeling full ALL DAY!! But we know, we have to eat then at work...I've been bringing in soups...some soups take me all day to eat...just a few bites at time...I also pick up some Ahi Poke with avocados on some days...I try to do snacks, when I want something to crunch on like nuts...raw nuts, cashews...I've done some veggies with a little hummus too...MORE WATER, then for 'dinner time'...I've been doing more soup or sashimi...MORE WATER...I didnt drink alcohol for 2 weeks...since then, I have had some red wine here & there and a few cocktails...but u really dont want to when u are full...

I'm learning SO MUCH about my habits before and how being full is REALLY teaching a lot about LOOKING at my important is it to get it together!!! haa time to look and feel better...and BE HEALTHY!! Below is just an example of what I have been doing...the snacks, I can just keep the nuts with me for whenever...that soup took me a few hours to eat which is fine...the sashimi below...I had 3 pieces last night for dinner, will have the other 3 2night...& always...u can email me with ANY questions or :) I am using the GIFT of being FULL to really look at myself...this is about PORTION CONTROL and givin a sh+t about YOU & what you put in your body :) 

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Now, you can finally achieve your weight loss goals without the risk or downtime of major bariatric surgery. The new, FDA-approved device, Orbera™, is a small gastric balloon that is gently placed into the stomach so you feel fuller longer and can practice portion control with greater success. Orbera™ is a non-surgical solution to help jump start your weight loss and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

  • No Surgery, cutting, or stapling
  • FDA Approved Medical Device for Weight Loss
  • 12-month Medically Managed Support Program

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