Woman Surprised With Favorite Childhood Doll After 20 Years

Talk about a thoughtful gift!!

A husband surprised his wife with a Christmas present he'd been looking 6 years for.

She had told him about her childhood toy doll, which she had to leave behind when her family immigrated to the United States 20 years ago. Because she could only bring a small backpack on the plane, her Cabbage Patch Tina Doll had to be left behind.

Her reaction to opening up the gift is priceless!!

The woman wrote on Facebook, "I cried about leaving her behind, and to this day I still remember her."

She continued, "All the memories of my childhood came back to me, and I remembered how much I loved that doll. I left her behind because my parents wanted to give me more opportunities and a better future. I thank them every day for all that I have." Awww...too precious! What a SWEET HUBBY to do this :) 

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