Gin And Tonic Sorbet Exists... Hello Summer!

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Summer just got better after finding this new sorbet!

Sainsbury's has a Gin & Tonic with a twist of lime sorbet. Sound so yummy! And it's only 66 calories a scoop!

Unfortunately, Sainsbury's is a supermarket chain in the UK and is not available in the US. But this does give us some ideas for new summer time drinks! 

And maybe if we give them enough love, they will send some over the pond! 

Usually make my own but spotted this new Gin & Tonic Sorbet with a hint of lime in my local Sainsbury’s, so thought it worth a test, on this hot sunny day. It certainly slips down a treat. Tangy & not too sweet with quite a strong lime flavour. Refreshing. Easy to scoop. Labelled for only over 18 yrs consumption, abv 2.1%. Ingredients list gin at 4%. Would have liked to know what gin was used...Sainsbury’s own label? Yes, I liked this. Will hunt out again. Gin and sorbet - a winning combo, especially when the sun shines #ginandtonicsorbet #sorbet #ginoclock #ginandtonic #lime #sainsburysmagazine #sainsburys

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@sainsburys G&T sorbet, only £2 per tub and 66 calories per scoop 🍸😍👍🏻 #sainsburys #gandt #ginandtonic #sorbet #gandtsorbet #ginandtonicsorbet

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