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Uber's 'Get Sick' Scam Could Make Your Ride More Expensive

We all know how convenient Uber is, especially when you decide to go out for a drink or two.

Next time you use Uber, make sure you are checking your bill. Your trip could turn out to be a little more expensive and not just for the distance you are going!

According to Chicago Tribune 'Vomit Fraud' is a scam that is taking place around the world.

Passengers request Uber rides, which drop them off at their desired location.

After the ride, the passenger receives a note from Uber reporting an "adjustment" in the bill with an extra charge that ranges from $80- $150!

Here's the catch... the only way to contact Uber is through the help button the the app or internet. 

Uber policy is to charge $80 if a passenger vomits or spills a drink or anything that makes a mess. The charge can increase up to $150 if it's a significant amount.

Uber says the extra fees compensate the drivers for time and money they spend cleaning their vehichles. 

The company also stated that they did not have specific numbers on fraud causes but that a majority of cleaning fee reports are the result of someone making a mess in the car.

Passengers have sent 3-4 emails to resolve this issue, telling Uber there was no incident and then wait to see if the company will agree and reimburse their money.

Besides 'Vomit Fraud' some drivers are never picking the passenger up and then charging them for the trip.

So next time you take a Uber, be careful and make sure you check your bill! 

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