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Everyone Is Talking About These Dog-Shaped Ice Cream Treats!


These new Dog-Shaped treats are freaky!

I'm not sure how I feel about this!

These new treats are adorable.... but too adorable to actually eat! 

This ice cream looks exactly like a puppy. A cafe in Taiwan made dog-shaped ice cream that is completely freaking people out! 

Each dog from J.C. co Art Kitchen takes up to FIVE hours to make!

They come in three different dog breeds with different flavors.

The Labrador is earl grey, Pug is chocolate and the Shar Pei has a peanut flavor!

Each costs about $3.50-$6.00.

Employees fill molds with a mixture that freezes and creates a hairy looking texture.

These new treats have become so popular, they are having trouble keeping up with the demand!

Would you try this?! 

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