Avril Lavigne Just Dropped Another New Single!

Boy she is baaaaack alright!! Avril, who was forced to take an absence from the music world, to put her health first, dealing with some crippling side effects of Lyme disease...but THANKFULLY, when feeling better...she was able to put her powerful experience to music...and released her long awaited new single, 'Head Above Water'.  FANS WERE ELATED!!! 

That was just 2 months ago...now, we have yet ANOTHER NEW SINGLE from Avril Lavigne!

She has so much to share with fans since her break and folks cant wait to hear EVERY LYRIC TO EVERY NEW SONG!

Lavigne just dropped "Tell Me It's Over," a collaboration with my pal Ryan Cabrera, Melissa Bel and Justin Gray....CHECK IT OUT!! Another beautiful, powerful song indeed! #GOGIRL 

Check out a clip below and find the full music video HERE!

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