KFC Wants You To Lounge On A Colonel Sanders Rug This Valentine's Day

Need a bear Colonel Sanders skin rug for your Valentine's night in by the fire?

Yep. There is such a thing.

KFC is hosting a contest and the prize is a Colonel Sanders fluffy white faux bear-skin rug with the Colonel's head and hands on the ends of it. Super weird. But if that's your thing... head over to Reddit .

There are three ways to enter the contest:

  • Photoshop battle: Transform an image of the Colonel Sanders rug into a funny/crazy/romantic masterpiece.
  • Storytelling challenge: KFC starts the story, and you complete the narrative to turn it into a romantic vignette.
  • Drawing duel: Submit a one-of-a-kind art piece of your ideal romantic evening, inspired by the Colonel Sanders faux bearskin rug.

Three winners will receive the rug, as well as two fried-chicken pajama onesies, a gift card for KFC for two for a year, and a yearly subscription to an online streaming service.

Wow. Romantic.

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