Disneyland To Give Out "Bathroom Passes" For Long Lines In Star Wars Land

Disneyland is expecting very large crowds and long lines when their Star Wars land, Galaxy's Edge opens up.

One way the park is planning on doing to make your park experience better? Bathroom passes! Disneyland will hand out bathroom passes if you are standing in a long line and need to use the facilities. That way you can go use the restroom and not lose your spot in line.

No one wants you to pee your pants on the ride!

Other ways Disneyland will try and combat the nuisance of long lines will be to provide entertainment both in-person and through their mobile app to make guests’ experience in line more pleasant. They will even sell snacks in some lines.

Park goers will be required to make a reservation to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge between May 31 and June 23. After June 23, the park will move away from the reservations system and enable a virtual boarding pass system, which will allow guests to register for a time slot to visit the land call them back when it’s their turn.

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