TGI Fridays Has A Game Of Thrones Inspired Menu For Meat Lovers

The final season of Game Of Thrones starts this Sunday!

So start planning your feast now!

TGI Fridays, who is offering a Game Of Thrones themed menu. Their Dragon Slayer Feast is for meat lovers only. The menu includes a Tomahawk Dragon-Slayer Steak—a 30-ounce, bone-in ribeye. It also comes with onion rings, mushrooms, and fries. You can also order up Dragon Fire Hot Wings and the Bucket of Beast Bones, which is a combo of ribs and Friday's famed glazed wings.

However, as far as we know, the GOT special is currently a U.K. exclusive. BUGGER!

But maybe this will give you some idea for planning your own GOT feast!

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