Pink's New Music Video For "90 Days" Is Heartbreaking!

Raising a family, keeping that spark in your love life alive, and having your day-to-day job on the road touring everyday is a challenge that not everyone experiences.

Well Pink is giving her fans the inside look of the hardship that comes with being a mom, wife, and a singer that will leave you emotional.

She's been on tour for over a year and the music video for her song "90 Days" with Wrable shows her struggle of leaving her family to embark on the road for tour.

The video starts with her husband watching a recent interview of Pink on Ellen talking about her children before preparing to say goodbye to each other for several months.

The imagery of the video shows the couple being playful spending time together putting on a fake smile before flashing to how she really feels, which is sad she has that she has to leave.

You can check out the heartfelt emotional video below:\

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