Katy Perry Being Sued $150k Over A Picture Of Katy Perry!


These stories make me crazy...someone getting sued, for posting A PICTURE OF THEM SELF!!! I understand all the business about photographer's OWNING their own photos...but the IRONY of some of these photogs who are taking the celebrity pics to MAKE $$$ OFF THE CELEBRITY...who then turn RIGHT AROUND AND SUE THEM for using it?

Its happened recently to model Gigi Hadid AND Jennifer Lopez. Now Katy Perry is getting sued for $150,000 over an Instagram post of her dressed as Hilary Clinton for Halloween (and boy did she go ALL OUT TOO! Prostectics and everything!) I wish it wasnt so WRONG...to want to post/show off a COOL PIC...THAT IS OF YOU!!! Oy!

Good luck Katy...I'm on your side! 


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Lisa Foxx

Lisa Foxx

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