J.Lo and Shakira Halftime Show Too Racy Or Empowering?

Omg haters...the SEXY LATINA CALORIE BURNING MOMS OVER 40 ARE STILLLL KILLIN IT!!! And everyone is STILL watching their Big Game performance from Sunday...GO J-Lo and Shakira!! I know LOTS of parents across the country took to social media and expressed being 'so upset' by this 'raunchy & tasteless' halftime show?? Saying their kids were 'uncomfortable watching’??? If there was a chance it was 'inappropriate for kids'...can we keep them busy doing something else for 12 minutes?? Shows from years past featured some RACY STUFF btw...then I saw so many tweets from folks confusing this show as going against the Me Too movement??? STILL CONFUSED over how this EMPOWERING PERFORMANCE was perceived as anything other than that...did you think it was TOO RACY or EMPOWERING?