Harry Styles Cheers On A Tequila Guzzling Lizzo...On Live TV!

The Brits make EVERYTHING LOOK MORE FUN...ESPECIALLY their award shows! Their 'Brit Awards' aka the equivalent to our 'Grammys' so to speak...how fun does their show look just with this clip alone!! I know our Grammy's happened on a somber day with the news of the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash that morning...but the Brits getting boozy and having fun, just takes their entertainment game to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!! ESPECIALLY when it involves a few of our favorite stars 'letting loose' in the moment...like in this video...and GREAT JOB host Jake Whitehall + Harry's adorable outfit and WINNING SMILE!!! and God Bless you Lizzo...if only I could get cheered on like that for every tequila shot!!! (Then I'd probably be pretty tipsy ALL THE TIME THOUGH) ;/ haa

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