Astro's Players Keeping Getting Boo'd And Hit At Spring Training! a DIE HARD Dodger fan...I shouldn't say 'they had it coming'...BUT THEY HAD IT COMING!!! I would never EVER encourage players to purposely show their 'feelings' like this but eh hem...its a very telling 'COINCIDENCE' that Astro players while at bat, have been hit atleast 7 times and counting so far during games at spring training in Arizona...I also hear LOUD BOOOOOOO's in the some of the videos too...after the owner of the team tried TO GLOSS OVER THEIR CHEATING SCANDAL with a 'lets just move on' mentality...coupled with the MLB commissioner's disparaging comments and lack of further disciplinary action against the team and players (you know, the part where MANY FOLKS FEEL the players should have to give back the bonus $ they got from 'winning' the World Series AND oh have that title STRIPPED etc)...I can't imagine AN Astro's players/fans are THAT shocked...that a few 'stray pitches' have fallen upon baseball's new MOST UN-LIKED & UN-TRUSTED TEAM...there's some UNFINISHED business happening...and I'm just gonna call it...KARMA.

OH did I mention...March 26th is DODGERS OPENING DAY FOR OUR 2020 SEASON???!!! Ticket details here:

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