Watch Gwen Stefani Give Blake Shelton A Quarantine Haircut

Are they one of our most favorite couples EVER, or what???

I feel like since we saw sparks fly between them on The Voice, then heard how they bonded after BOTH were very publicly cheated on ;/ When LOVE began to blossom between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stafani...we not only feel like a part of it, but have been cheering them on and ROOTING FOR THEM EVER SINCE🙂 I enjoy how much they SHARE via video of themselves together on their Instagram accounts/social it was NO SURPRISE to hear Blake share that he and 'lots of Stefani's' (referencing her boys too)🙂 are ALL quarantining together at his ranch in Oklahoma...when she's not busy making BREAD from scratch...she cuts his hair!! And she does it ADORABLY...on LIVE TV...check it out🙂

Image via Getty