Apple Unveils 'Affordable' New iPhone For Under $400

What's old is new again? KINDOF...but during this insane Covid 19 pandemic...anything FREE or AFFORDABLE gives us the 'tingles'...ESPECIALLY with more of us GLUED TO OUR PHONES now more than ever. Thru a virtual unveiling...Apple announced their new iPhone has the design of an 'older generation' of iPhones but works like a fast, fancy new one...and how about that price...ONLY $399???

NOOOO WAY APPLE!!! and you promise to not SLOW DOWN THE BATTERIES of all your other phones, to MAKE PEOPLE BUY THIS ONE?? Sorry...can you hear the sarcastic 'Android-tone' in my voice?? ha

The new iPhones are available April 24th. 🙂 

Thumbnail via Getty Images

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