Bernie Sanders Meme Sweatshirts SELL OUT FAST!

Still laughing over ALL the Bernie Sanders MEMES that EXPLODED ALLL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA after he was just simply, seated trying to 'stay warm' as he said at the inauguration? That now INFAMOUS 'pose' that oddly went viral but in the most hilarious and harmless way, brought SO MUCH NEEDED LAUGHTER TO AMERICA! God bless his sense of humor for embracing it!

Check out this thread of shared #berniesandersmemes #berniesandersmittens etc. on my personal FB haa...WOW!

From Forrest Gump, to the Games of Thrones, to sitting with Deadpool, the cast of 'Friends', 'Sex In the City', The Golden Girls, and EVERY OTHER major hit TV show, movie and the most random, hilarious places, it was a JOY and I THANK YOU INTERNET!! ha🙂 On another fun note, it looks like, according to TMZ, that Sanders' campaign team started jumping on this hilarious bandwagon (as they should have), and started selling sweatshirts for $45 bucks! The best part is that it wasn't about some random person trying to make money off the moment, but rather his team properly selling it to make some money for charity - Meals on Wheels Vermont!🙂 They SOLD OUT WITHIN HOURS!! I hope they keep it coming, and do more!! But they gotta hurry because the next MEME of the moment will come soon. Until then, keep the Bernie memes coming on social media. The giggles are beyond therapeutic!🙂