50,000 Six Flags Tickets Up For Grabs If You Have Yet To Get Vaccinated!

Photo: Getty Images

Well...if the chance to win thousands, even MILLIONS didn't encourage you to get that lovely shot in the arm...maybe this will do the trick? Governor Newsom announced the latest vaccine incentive, FREE SIX FLAGS TICKETS! He said 'the next 50,000 Californian's to get vaccinated at participating clinics, will get a free ticket to ANY Six Flags 'theme park'. 

The free theme park tickets aren't transferrable and can't be resold. The total value is $4.5 million. The state is also still giving away $50 gift cards to anyone who gets vaccinated. They set aside 2 million of those gift cards and only 924,000 have been handed out -- leaving more than 1 million still up for grabs.

A list of every participating clinic can be found here.

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