Actor Greg Grunberg For The Epilepsy Foundation & Joyrider: The Documentary

Actor Greg Grunberg stopped by to talk about his work with the Epilepsy Foundation, on behalf of his son AND this new documentary he is helping to produce...

Joyrider: The Documentary

Joyrider is the documentary of wheelchair athlete André Kajlich; the first solo hand cyclist to compete in the Race Across America.

Joyrider is the documentary of wheelchair athlete André Kajlich, his struggles and perseverance, and his attempt to be the first solo hand-cyclist to compete in the 12 day, 3,000 mile Race Across America.

Alcohol and a train accident led to André's double amputation; and while he continued on a downward path for many years, family and endurance competition ultimately brought him back to life. The Race Across America now sets the stage for André to not only accomplish what many once thought impossible, but to prove that major setbacks in life cannot hinder ambition. 

We've been filming André's life the past two years and now need your support to help film his journey across America. We deeply believe in the positive impact this documentary. Come join our crew!

For André this is not a matter of making history – it’s a drive that comes from a deeper place. In 2003 André was attending university in Prague. After an epic drunken night out he ended up on the tracks facing an oncoming subway train.

He was almost destroyed. One leg required amputation above the knee, the other at the hip, and there was little hope he would walk again. There were dark days, but over the next five years André only concerned himself with resuming life as usual, claiming “life isn’t always a willing experience; you just have to keep moving forward.”

From the seeds of that struggle grew a newfound perspective and perseverance. After entering the world of endurance sports on a whim in 2010, he became the USA’s Paratriathlete of the year in 2012. He’s taken the gold at the Panamerican Championship in Edmonton, the National Ironman 70.3 Championship, and the Ironman World Championship in Kona. He’s an Ultraman triathlete, and was even the first to complete the grueling Brazil135 Ultramarathon in the Mantiqueira Mountains.

André Kajlich  •   Runner's World  •   Kitap Sun  

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Talk About It!

About was created by actor Greg Grunberg in collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation. On the site, celebrities of television, film, and music come together with top epilepsy and seizure experts to help end misperceptions and misunderstandings about epilepsy.

The site has three key goals:

  1. Help people with epilepsy (and their caregivers) better understand their condition and learn how to talk about it with their family, friends, and health care team.
  2. Raise overall awareness about epilepsy and seizures. Help eliminate public stigma around epilepsy that has caused misunderstanding, has created fear, and has diverted attention and funds away from finding new therapies and cures.
  3. Help unify the epilepsy community, including people with epilepsy, caregivers, and the public, private and government sectors to drive increased attention to epilepsy and to enhance services and support for people who live with seizures. 

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About Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg, whose oldest son lives with epilepsy, is a vigorous advocate for awareness on the national stage and in the Los Angeles area. Grunberg serves as a key spokesperson for the Epilepsy Foundation. He created, has been chair of the National Walk for Epilepsy in Washington, D.C., and is co-host of the Epilepsy Foundation's "Talk About Epilepsy Netathon Presented by Sunovion" in Los Angeles. Grunberg is best known for starring roles on the television series FELICITY, ALIAS, and HEROES. He most recently appeared in HEROES REBORN and STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.

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