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What We Do

TreePeople inspires and supports the people of LA to come together to plant and care for trees, harvest the rain, and renew depleted landscapes. We unite with communities to grow a greener, shadier and more water-secure city at homes, neighborhoods, schools and in the local mountains. We work with volunteer leaders using our unique Citizen Forester model, and we influence government agencies for a healthy, thriving Los Angeles. Born from the efforts of a teenager over 40 years ago, we have involved more than 3 million people in planting and caring for more than 3 million trees.

Why It Matters

LA is rich in natural beauty. But along the way, we've over-paved this paradise. Many LA neighborhoods are almost completely covered in asphalt and concrete and sorely lacking trees and nature.  On hot days, scorching surfaces bake in the heat, endangering people’s health. Our streams and rivers are paved over, so that when it rains, water can't soak into the ground where it could add to our aquifers. Instead, it runs off into our ocean, sweeping trash and pollution onto our beaches.

We waste precious dollars trying to fix these problems with even more building. But the answer is simple: bring nature back to our city streets and neighborhoods, and let nature do its job.

To thrive in a hotter, dryer future, the people of LA need to be shaded by ample tree canopy and have a clean,  reliable local water supply. The good news is that we all can play a role in planting and caring for trees, restoring healthy soil,  conserving water, and harvesting the rain.

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All cities need a secure water supply but for LA this is critical

While we allow the rain that falls on our city to run off into the ocean, the city of LA imports 89% of its water supply from distant sources. At least 50% of this water is used to irrigate lawns and landscaping. Simply transporting this water to us is the single largest use of electricity in California. We can harvest rain and conserve water and energy by restoring nature in our city.

Some parts of LA are beautifully shaded with tree canopy, but some have almost none

Schoolyards and streets well-shaded with trees are cooler and healthier places. But although the average tree canopy coverage across LA is 21%, in many tree-deficient neighborhoods the figure is much lower. These are places vulnerable to extreme weather, especially heat, and the high energy costs and health impacts that low tree cover brings. View the 22 benefits of trees.  

Forecasts show a hotter, drier future coming for LA, and we must prepare for it now

TreePeople brings together and empowers people to take action while creating beautiful and resilient landscapes, and strong and resilient communities. 

Now is the time...

  1. To invest in a local, secure water supply for Los Angeles by conserving water and harvesting rain.
  2. To plant and care for enough trees to create a protective canopy over urban Los Angeles, while restoring our vital mountain forests.
  3. To realign government and agency spending to work with nature in solving our resource problems.
  4. To come together for a healthier and more viable future that can start today.

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For Schools

Our younger generation is the most valuable asset we have for a sustainable LA.  When schools involve their students in a quality environmental education, everyone wins. In fact, the benefits extend beyond creating a cleaner healthier world. Studies have shown that environmental education can have significant benefits to a student’s overall learning experience across all academic disciplines.

Whether it’s creating a greener campus, or participating in service learning, TreePeople can support your school through a comprehensive program.   


When we plant trees on a campus and maintain them so they are healthy, they can do their part to create a beautiful, shady environment conducive to learning.To learn how to plant trees on your campus we offer guides and workshops.   


School campuses are part of the urban water cycle. Learn how to prevent the water from becoming polluted runoff and instead, redirect it into rain gardens and more.  We offer guides and workshops.  


On most schools the land consists mainly of concrete and asphalt, as well as lawn and dirt areas that are compacted by foot traffic. Removing concrete or converting dirt and lawn areas into gardens supports healthy soil and creates outdoor classrooms. To learn how to convert areas around campus into gardens we offer guides and workshops.

Thanks to my guest Tree People CEO Cindy Montanez


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