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Last year alone more than 1 billion trips were taken. That's 1 billion opportunities to transform travelers into a force for good. Kind Traveler's goals are purposefully aligned with the United Nations' Global Goals for sustainable development: preventing poverty and hunger, protecting the planet, and promoting wellbeing for individuals and animals. 

Kind Traveler's DNA is shaped through a lens of kindness that thoughtfully considers the well being of local and global communities, individual wellness, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare in all of its actions, communications, and promotions. 


Our belief is that the kinder you are to yourself, the better you will be. So we encourage travelers, as well as our partners, to support wellness, mindfulness and healthy lifestyles whenever they can.


Kindness is better when shared. Our Give + Get platform creates a sustainable fundraising model where travelers who give back, get something (kind) in return. 100% of donations go to global or local charities that benefit communities, the environment, and animal welfare.


We’re committed to transparency in what we do. That is why 100% of donations are always given to our local and global charities.


We practice and advance choices that support clean air, clean water, resource conservation, and a reduced carbon footprint. We highlight and engage individuals, companies and organizations creating kinder and more sustainable standards in travel.


We practice and promote choices that support cruelty-free lifestyles and the humane treatment of animals. We do not believe in animals being used for entertainment or testing.


Our hotel members are cornerstones of their communities — driving tourism and job creation. By pointing travelers directly to our hotel members, we’re able to support local communities.


We create ongoing win-win partnerships with our travel and nonprofit partners. We believe in fairness, innovation, and honest communications.


We guide intelligent giving decisions by advancing transparency of top performing charities. All of our global charities are top performing, and have at least a 3 or 4 star rating on Charity Navigator and at lesat a Silver rating on GuideStar.


We respect and advance diversity and universal human rights. We denounce prejudice and inspire dignity.


Through education of today’s most pivotal societal concerns, we seek to inspire conscious decision-making that keeps the greater good in mind.

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