Race For The Cure With Susan G. Komen LA March 10th

2018 Komen Los Angeles County Race for the Cure®


Dodger Stadium

1000 Vin Scully Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Why do we fundraise for breast cancer cures?

  • Because 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.
  • Because every 19 seconds, somewhere in the world, a case of breast cancer is diagnosed in a woman.
  • Because every 60 seconds, somewhere in the world, someone dies from breast cancer; every 13 minutes, one woman in the U.S. will lose her life to breast cancer.
  • Because breast cancer knows no boundaries. It affects people of every age, gender, socio-economic status and location.
  • Because at the current rate, 13 million breast cancer deaths will occur around the world in the next 25 years.
  • Because it’s time to go beyond breast cancer awareness. It’s time to take action!


  •  Better detect, prevent and treat all breast cancers, especially deadly metastatic breast cancer
  •  Increase access to and participation in innovative clinical trials


  •  Improve access to quality breast health services by funding essential patient navigators
  •  Provide underserved patients with low- or no-cost screening, diagnosis and treatment
  •  Eliminate barriers to care by supporting life-changing services like transportation, medication access and child care


  •  Eliminate disparities in breast cancer care and outcomes by assessing gaps in access and quality
  •  Provide accurate and balanced information, support and compassion through the Komen Breast Care Helpline


  •  Advocate for federal research funding and easier access to affordable, high-quality breast health and cancer care services
  •  Provide the public and our elected officials with factual, evidence-based breast cancer information

Take Action

We can fight these statistics together. Join the breast cancer movement by fundraising for Race for the Cure®.

Your fundraising has the power to make a true impact. Just consider how far we have come, thanks in part to supporters like you:

  • Race for the Cure® has raised more than $2 billion to help fund research, education, screening and treatment.
  • In 1980, the 5-year relative survival rate for women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer was about 74 percent. Today, that number is 99 percent.
  • Since our founding in 1982, Susan G. Komen’s national research program has invested in cutting-edge research that has helped make major breakthroughs possible.
  • Funding for discoveries in genetics and biology has led to personalized, less-invasive breast cancer treatments to replace the less-effective “one-treatment-fits-all” approach.

Race for the Cure® is your opportunity to turn your support for the breast cancer movement into action. Prove that you are More Than Pink™, and help us end breast cancer forever.

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Thanks to my guest/board member/Autonation sponsor Mark Osmers...to get involved and find out more, click here:


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