Reducing Breast Cancer Risk With Lifestyle Changes

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer over the course of their lives, and breast cancer is the #1 killer of women ages 20-59. But did you know that only 13% of those diagnosed have a single first degree relative with breast cancer? For most of us, family history and genetics do not determine who gets breast cancer – we do! You have power over this disease.

In Breasts: The Owner’s Manual, Dr. Kristi Funk shows you how to harness that power. Long before Dr. Funk performed Angelina Jolie’s widely-discussed double prophylactic mastectomy, Dr. Funk strategized with her about the most effective and honest way to communicate her decision to the world. Their announcement led to a permanent increase in preventive testing for the BRCA gene.

Now, Dr. Funk takes the broader conversation about total breast health to women everywhere with this straight-talking guide. Her mission is to educate as many women as possible about what they can do to stop breast cancer before it starts. Every year, 1 million cases of breast cancer are diagnosed globally, with more than 240,000 in the US alone. Breasts: The Owner’s Manual will help many women avoid this unwelcome journey and will provide wisdom and practical advice for those already walking this challenging path.

Breasts: The Owner's Manual: Every Woman's Guide to Reducing Cancer Risk, Making Treatment Choices, and Optimizing Outcomes forward by Sheryl Crow ...Get YOUR COPY HERE:  Amazon Prime              

Thanks SO MUCH to my guest Dr. Kristi Funk! Find out more about what she's ALL ABOUT, her Pink Lotus Breast Center & Foundation...the recipe to her life changing smoothie & more here:

Hello Los Angeles- Join my friend and FABULOUS singer AND breast cancer survivor Cindy Alexander with week in LA!! THEY will be at Amoeba Music Thursday April 26, singing as an acoustic duo with Ali Handal to support her very own Dr. Kristi Funk as she launches her new book - grab a copy and learn how to prevent breast cancer, or deal with it if you have to... know your body, know your options. #breastcancer #survivor 6:30 pm- it’s a PARTY! See you there!

Dr. Kristi Funk Book Launch Party with Cindy Alexander

Thu 6:30 PM · Amoeba Music · Los Angeles

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