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David "Avocado" Wolfe is an entrepreneur, author, and product spokesman. He promotes a variety of pseudoscientific ideas such as raw foodism, alternative medicine, the health benefits of nautural foods and more...join David for his teachings on...On The Farm & In The Kitchen Recipes, Detox, Beauty and Peak Performance. Get access to the latest recipes, health & performance strategies, webinars, free e-courses, specials, articles and more!

Had David on my show to discuss a variety of natural ways to get and STAY healthy...a WEALTH of info on his are a few...

7 Health Benefits Of Walnuts


Compared to all other nuts, walnuts contain the highest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. The type of omega-3’s found in founds like walnuts and chia seeds is called ALA or alpha-linolenic acid. Along with healthy fats, walnuts contain manganese, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin B6, folate and thiamine. Health benefits of walnuts include the ability to fight depression, help prevent cancer and improve the health of the brain, heart and reproductive system.

Health Benefits of Walnuts

1. Help Fight Depression

Health benefits of walnuts include the ability to help fight depression, thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids they contain. Omega-3 benefits include the ability to work as a natural remedy for depression. Essential fatty acids are used to aid in neurotransmitter function. Research has shown that low levels of omega-3 fats can contribute to depression, as well as behavioral and cognitive disorders. Omega-3’s play a crucial role in allowing the movement of neurotransmitters in the brain that promote good feelings, such as dopamine and serotonin, suggesting that the essential fats may help naturally treat depression. (1)

2. Improve Brain Health

Health benefits of walnuts include the ability to improve brain health. The omega-3 fats in walnuts act as a superfood to help slow aging and prevent age-related disorders. Higher levels of omega-3’s can reduce the risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive impairments. Research has shown that the health benefits of walnuts include enhanced neurotransmitter function and protection against damage in the brain. Studies suggest that walnuts and other omega-3 foods may work as an Alzheimer’s natural treatment method. (2)

3. Improve Heart Health

Health benefits of walnuts include improved heart health. Studies have shown a link between high nut and omega-3 consumption and improved heart health. Healthy fats work to keep the arteries clear, improve circulation, lower inflammation and balance cholesterol levels. Research has shown that walnut consumption can lead to lower blood pressure, better insulin control and improved heart health.

Whether you love them or hate them, onions are an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer superfood. Onion nutrition includes powerful antioxidants that help protect the body from inflammation, disease and even neurodegenerative disorders. Thanks to their protective properties, onion health benefits include the ability to fight cancer, protect the heart, defend the body from respiratory infections and more.

Onion Health Benefits

1. Help Fight Cancer

Onions are known as a cancer-fighting food, thanks to the powerful antioxidants they contain. Onions health benefits include the ability to prevent cell damage. The sulfur compounds they contain help prevent the growth of tumors and cancer development. Research has shown a link between the frequency of consuming onions and other allium vegetables and a reduced risk of several cancers. (1)

2. Protect the Heart

Onion health benefits include cardiovascular protection. The antioxidants they contain help reduce the risk of blood clots and naturally lower blood pressure. Onion nutrition works to improve blood circulation and reduce oxidative stress to prevent damage caused by free radicals.

3. Help Maintain Strong Bones

Onion heath benefits include the ability to protect the bones from fractures by increasing bone mineral density. Studies have shown a link between frequency of onion consumption and increased bone density in women. Onion nutrition includes bone-building substances that help treat osteoporosisand reverse bone loss. (2)

4. Help Prevent or Manage Diabetes

Research has shown that onion health benefits include the ability to help fight diabetes. Onion nutrition includes chromium, which works to control blood glucose levels. Studies suggest adding onions to your diet may help reverse diabetes. (3)

5. Lower the Risk of Arthritis and Asthma

Onion health benefits include the ability to reduce the risk of arthritis. Onion nutrition includes quercetin, a compound that works to inhibit inflammation and prevent joint pain. As a powerful anti-inflammatory food, onion health benefits also include the ability to reduce the risk of asthma.

6. Defend the Body Against Respiratory Infections

Thanks to the phytonutrients it contains, onion health benefits include the ability to defend the body from respiratory infections. The phytonutrients in onions help strengthen the immune system, fight inflammation and speed healing. Eating onions on a a regular basis may help increase the body’s ability to fight colds and other respiratory illnesses. The anti-inflammatory properties of onions help reduce mucus in the nasal passages, lungs and respiratory system to improve breathing and promote healing.

7. May Help Improve Fertility in Men

Studies suggest than onion health benefits may include the ability to improve fertility in men. The antioxidants that onions contain help protect the body from disease. According to research from Azad University in Iran, animal studies showed that onions have the ability to help increase total testosterone levels, as well as sperm concentration, viability and mobility. (4)

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