Get Spiritually Fit In A New 48 Day Challenge To Change Your Body & Life

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In Seven Sundays , celebrity trainer and devoted follower of Christ Alec Penix explains the connection between faith and fitness, and shares both his own and his clients’ success stories. When our spiritual and physical bodies are built up simultaneously, we find ourselves more likely to stick with healthier, life-changing habits, appreciate what we have, be thankful for what we’ve gained (and lost), and feel content with how far we’ve traveled. Seven Sundays is a six-week program that shows you how easy it is to undergo your own total transformation. The book is organized as a day-by-day journey in the same manner as a daily devotional. Over the course of each week, you will work on the “6 Pillars of Purpose” that build up this strength. You will also enjoy “Faith-Full” foods and explore a new spiritual theme each week. Ultimately, you’ll undertake a meaningful journey that will finally connect your body and spirit. Seven Sundays is sure to “inspire people to become the best version of themselves, through strengthening their body, mind, and spirit”. You’ll learn to embrace the fact that you deserve to exercise, eat right, and be healthy, and recognize your body as a spiritual vessel...order his book on Amazon here:

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