Louis Tomlinson Talks 'We Made It', New Album, And More!

Louis Tomlinson got his rise to fame in the band One Direction, but when they went on hiatus in 2016 all of the guys ventured into solo careers. Louis has put out singles with other artists and by himself, but we finally get a full album and tour from him in the upcoming months. Louis stopped by Valentine in the Morning to talk about his new single "We Made It," his upcoming album "Walls," and so much more!

When it came to the song "We Made It" and the whole process of it Louis says,

"This song, I wrote about maybe two and a half years ago now and I want it to be further along in my writing process so I could kind of release music a bit more frequently and then get into the album. I'm really proud of it. It originated as a title and a concept when we first started writing the song and it started as a bit of a message between me and the fans. I was thinking about that first tour show like what does we made it mean to me and thinking about the first show and that feeling of as a collective, not just me. Thinking about all the patient people that waited for me in that so that's where it started. The verses, I was kind of just being a bit more visual and talking about my relationship when I was on the world tour with the band, but my girlfriend was still at University. I was going to visit her and stay with her so it was kind of an interesting take as well.

Fans have been waiting and waiting for the day Louis releases his album and the good news is that his upcoming album is completely done. The album is nearly mastered so he can't go back and make changes. We can expect it to drop on January 31st.

Not only are we getting a full length album, but we're getting a world tour as well! When you're a rock star like Louis Tomlinson, you shouldn't expect him to just go straight to bed instead you'll find him getting some drinks after a show.

"You've just had such an amazing show and you come off stage and you feel amazing so that last thing you want to do is nothing with that. You've got to have a good time on tour, but it's tiring. It's so much fun, i'm not gonna lie I do love touring and i've had some great times on tour. Life is really good, I can't complain and i'm just excited to get to this next stage of getting the album out and getting on the road. As a writer in particular, that's the moment especially in the live show where you actually feel what you've done and feel what it means to people so i'm really looking forward to that moment. The true payoff is when fans sing the words back to you and you can see the emotion in people's faces when they're singing these lyrics and how they've interpreted them that's the ultimate.

Louis grew up in Doncaster, which is located in northern England and he told Valentine in the Morning all about the pranks and mischievous things he would get into as a kid.

"I grew up in quite a working-class area so we did some daft things. There's a night and I think it's around like bonfire night and we call it mischievous night that's normally pretty fun. We did some quite yobby things like egging. We used to do this stupid thing, which is pretty horrible in hindsight where it's called "tanking cars" and you're just running up the bonnet of a car over the top and get over as many as you can. They were parked cars and it's a pretty horrible thing to do so often you'd get chased for that, but that was part of the fun.

A fun fact about Louis that we thought was really cool is that he owns a bunch of random movie props.

"Honestly, i've not got them out for ages, but I went through this really silly phase. Look, before I was in a band, I was really rubbish at saving money so naturally I've inherited just a bit of that and you know i've put my money at right places, but I also did some silly spending back in the day. One of which was I went through a streak of just buying crazy movie props so like the best thing I own and i'm pretty proud about this is the leg braces on Forest Gump, which I think are one of three. I got it off like an auction or something like that and i've got swords from like Kill Bill, a bag from "The Place Beyond The Pines," a gun from "Prison," the list is endless and i'm kind of excessive like that. People always said things like "he's lost a plot or what's wrong with him" and there's definitely been times in my career where i've spent money stupidly and someone would have a word about it, but you've gotta have fun with it.

Don't forget to download and stream 'We Made It' and his upcoming album 'Walls' when it drops on January 31st and keep in touch with MYfm onInstagram/Twitter/Facebook!

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