Alicia Keys Talks Grammys, Motherhood, Touring, And More!

Alicia Keys is a global music icon, 15 time Grammy Award winner, and of course a loving wife and mother. Alicia is returning to host the Grammy Awards and just announced her first tour in seven years for her upcoming album ALICIA.

Alicia has a big weekend ahead of her as it is Grammy weekend, but she feels more prepared this time around since she was the host last year.

"Now I think that I have a sense of what it kind of is from doing it last year. I feel definitely a bit more calm, but I love also the magic of it all like there's definitely an unknown and x-factor. There's kind of like this creating of things as it's happening that it's cool and so i'm looking forward to it and everybody feels excited."

We know Alicia doesn't know the winners of the Grammys, but we wanted to know who she would choose as the winner for Song of the Year.

"For the sake of song, I really do love that Lewis Capaldi song. I think you know as a song, as a thing that you can play on guitar and piano is just like live on its own melody. It really just soars, the way that the lyrics are fit together, you can't help but feel it. I really love that one. I think that Lizzo obviously has had a tremendous year and so I think that's also a really strong possibility."

Last year, Alicia performed a medley of songs that left everyone talking so we were wondering if we can expect that again this year.

"You know I definitely have some special moments for sure you know I didn't want to do the same thing over again you have to have a new vibe every time. I might save that for tour so i'm thinking we probably need a double piano on tour moment so don't worry, you'll definitely see it."

While we might not get the medley of songs at the Grammys, at least we can expect something similar when she comes to a city near you. Alicia just announced she's going back on her first major tour in seven years and the announcement comes fresh off of her exciting news that she's releasing her seventh album. ALICIA is set to be released worldwide on March 20th.

While to the world she's Alicia Keys the singer/song writer, her number one priority is being a mother.

"I love motherhood. It teaches me so much and it shows me so much. It teaches me so much about patience like slowing down, putting work away for a minute, and just being like let's just tune in. I'm crazy and I love doing crazy stuff. You know saying 'what do you want to do today? let's just do whatever.' I go to those trampoline places and i'm a master trampoline bouncer. I want to learn how to flip."

Don't forget to download and stream 'ALICIA' when it drops on March 20th and keep in touch with MYfm on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook!

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