A Woman Fighting Cancer Has The Rock Dwayne Johnson In Her Corner

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Anna Payne, 34, was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in July, when her friends and family asked her if she was in need of anything she would always tell them the same thing...

“I need a video of Dwayne Johnson telling me everything’s gonna be OK,” she said.

So her friends and family sent Dwayne Johnson a letter asking him if he could possibly do this one favor for Anna, and he did.

He sent a 3-minute video to Anna saying, that he loves her, and gives proceeds to give her an upbeat talk about beating cancer.  

"I know that through this letter (sent by her friend) that you are going through the fight of your life ... and I know you are fighting hard. Stay strong. Keep fighting. The fight never ends" he said.

Click HERE to read more and see below for the video he sent to Anna.

SOURCE: The Intelligencer

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