Starbucks Has A Lime Green Spiked Tumbler For Halloween 2021

Starbucks coffee

Photo: Getty Images

Since Starbucks is now allowing reusable cups to be used at their stores, so that they can get rid of person to person contact. With that being said, the Halloween 2021 collection is here and does not disappoint and ii includes all things spooky, sparkly, and spiked!

The designs will include a black cat sitting in front of the moon on a tumbler cup, neon green and pink spiked tumblers, and vibrant purple and teal tumblers. For hot drinks, a travel mug with a white and purple background and black spiderwebs, cat silhouettes, and paisley shapes is also available. Mugs with pumpkins and one shaped like a witch's cauldron are also available on some Starbucks shelves.

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