The New "Scream" Trailer Just Dropped, And Fans Are Loving It

Premiere Of The Weinstein Company's "Scream 4" Presented By AXE Shower - Red Carpet

Photo: Getty Images

Ghostface is back after all these years and is ready to make you SCREAM all over again!

The trailer was released just today and the preview features Wes Craven's iconic horror-film antagonist terrorizing people who were related to the original killers.

And while 2022's "Scream" will have a new cast of tech-savvy Gen Z-ers, it will also have the return of the four-film series' original stars (at least those whose characters survived): Neve Campbell's Sidney Prescott, David Arquette's lawman Dewey Riley and Courteney Cox's journalist Gale Weathers.

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