Navy Commander Surprises SoCal Mom On Mother's Day

Navy Commander Surprises SoCal Mom On Mother's Day

Cindy raised her son Ryan by herself...growing up, it was just the two of them.  She was such a dedicated mother, that she gave up her dreams of being a professional athlete so that she could spend all her time raising Ryan.

Cindy's commitment to Ryan paid off...he's now an accomplished Navy Commander, a husband & a father.  Because of his demanding life & and because he lives clear across the country--She lives here in SoCal in Moreno Valley & he lives Norfolk, Virginia--Cindy hasn't seen Ryan in 2 years.  

The last time they saw each other, he was passing through San Diego on his way to Japan when Cindy drove two hours just to meet him at the airport for 45 minutes...still dedicated to him.  But they're finally reuniting for Mother's Day, thanks to a surprise visit from Ryan that will bring tears to your eyes.

Watch the touching video below and Happy Mother's to all the moms reading this...Know that you're loved & appreciated <3


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