Pizza MREs Are FINALLY Here For Our Troops!

Pizza MREs Are FINALLY Here For Our Troops!

A pizza MRE is something that's been the #1 most-requested MRE on the wish lists of our troops since the 1980s.  Well now their dream is coming true!  The problem was figuring out a way of making a pizza that wouldn't go bad & that could withstand the heat.  The Army has unveiled a much-anticipated pizza Meal Ready to EAT (MRE) for its soldiers that has a three-year shelf life — even if it's kept in the desert heat.

The game-changers were that the mozzarella cheese on the pizza is specifically made to withstand heat AND that a new technology called vacuum microwave drying.  With vacuum microwave-drying, you only remove enough water to get the shelf-life stability...As opposed to freeze-drying where you have to put the water back in before eating.

Other components in the pizza MRE are:

-- cherry blueberry cobbler

-- cheese spread with cheddar and jalapeno cheese

-- Italian bread sticks

-- cookies

-- chocolate protein drink powder

This pizza MRE project has been in the works since 2012.  It will be available to troops as soon as the end of year and to most soldiers within 18 months!  Check out the CBS News vid below to watch a soldier trying the new pizza MRE & liking it...


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