Legally Blonde 3 Is In The Works!

Legally Blonde 3 Is In The Works!

That's right, a new "Legally Blonde" is in the works...the 1st new one since 2003's "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde."  Here's what we know so far...

News broke this morning that Reese Witherspoon is in talks to play Elle Woods again in a third Legally Blonde.  The MGM movie will also be produced by Reese's Hello Sunshine production company.  

Reese is currently filming Season 2 of her HBO hit series "Big Little Lies," so it's safe to say that Legally Blonde filming won't get underway immediately.  There's also no word on which co-stars will be returning or what the plot will be .  BUT, Reese did reveal a couple of her ideas of what she thinks Elle Woods would be doing these days in interviews in the last few years.  Watch the Entertainment Tonight videos below to hear her thoughts...


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