Is Someone About To Be Arrested For 2Pac's Murder?

Is Someone About To Be Arrested For 2Pac's Murder?

22 years after 2Pac Shakur's murder, a source is saying that they believe an arrest in his case is finally imminent. Dwayne Keith Davis has revealed in a B.E.T documentary that he was in the car with the person who shot & killed 2Pac near the Las Vegas strip.  Davis says that his relative, Orlando Anderson--the same man that 2Pac beat up earlier that night--allegedly opened fire on 2Pac.  Davis was reluctant to talk to police officers during their murder investigation immediately after 2Pac's death.  So why is he opening up about the notorious murder all these years later?  He reportedly has cancer & wants to make amends. It's worth noting that Orlando Anderson, himself, was also shot & killed 2 years after 2Pac's death.  So is an arrest in 2Pac's murder about to take place?  The Las Vegas Police Department released the following statement...

"As a result of those statements, we have spent the last several months reviewing the case in its entirety.  Various reports that an arrest warrant is about to be submitted are inaccurate.  This case remains an open homicide case."

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