This Nordstrom Has No Clothes, But People Still Go

This Nordstrom Has No Clothes, But People Still Go.

In what many see as a push to compete with online shopping giants like Amazon, Nordstrom announces a new campaign to try to attract customers to its stores.  

Nordstrom Local might be the department store of the future.  It has no clothes, but people are still going there.  Why?  There may not be clothes in the store, but you can be fitted for clothes, order clothes & pick up your clothing orders in the store.  They also have curbside pickup.  And once you pick up your order, you can try them on in their fitting rooms to make sure they're perfect for you.  It's also got a nail salon & a juice bar.

At 3,000-square-feet, Nordstrom Local is smaller than your normal Nordstrom.  The concept is...Why go to the mall, when you can hang out at Norstrom Local, watch TV, drink your juice & shop? Much like you do when you're online shopping at home.

This Nordstrom Local is located in West Hollywood, but they're planning on opening at least two more locations in the near future.


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