Jennifer Garner's Company Makes Food For Your Kids

Jennifer Garner's Company Makes Food For Your Kids.

If you're like me, you contemplate sometimes what the next chapter in your career will be or what kind of side-hustle you can have to make more money.  Well actress Jennifer Garner has found her side-hustle...She's the co-founder of a new company called Once Upon a Farm, which has the mission to "nurture our children, each other and the earth in order to pass a long a healthier and happier world for the next generation."  The company says it makes homemade food for your kids so you don't have to.  

Once Upon Farm's food is delivered straight to your door in eco-friendly temperature-controlled packaging or available in the refrigerated section of your local grocery store. 

This is a natural side-hustle for Jennifer Garner since her family owned a farm & she grew up eating nothing but homemade food by her mother.  Jennifer shares her inspiration for the company in the video below.  Watch it, maybe it'll inspire you to launch your own side-hustle...


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