Why Are We Losing So Many Moms After Childbirth?

Why Are We Losing So Many Moms After Childbirth?

Being a mother is the hardest job out here.  But even before that, giving birth is sacred.  

So when I heard that the United States is the only industrialized country where the rates of maternal deaths have increased, rather than decreased, it saddened me deeply.  And "near deaths" are on the rise: 60,000 a year across the country. 

Why isn't more being done to protect moms & moms-to-be?  When I watched the CBS Sunday Morning video about the moms who've died after childbirth, I cried the entire time.  I was crushed when I learned that mothers aren't always taken seriously when they raise concerns about their health after childbirth.  I was even more devastated when the doctor said that doctors believe black women even less when we raise concerns about our health after childbirth.  

We need to raise awareness of this epidemic...Moms should be protected & fought for.  Watch the video below & please share this blog with all the moms & moms-to-be in your life.


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